About cyberGoatPsyOps

I started my career as a troubled teen, it’s how I ended up working at the local repair shop, fixing PCs. I then joined the military after high school as there were no other options at the time. That is where I started at the Military Police as a System Administrator, then quickly pivoted into Incident response. Later in my military career, I pivoted again, but this time into special operation as a communications sergeant. I am the by-product of an immigrant single mom in a poverty-stricken home in Los Angeles, California. But we didn’t give up, my mother worked hard and so did I. That is where I get my work ethic and where I get my determination. It’s how I have excelled in the military and now looking to excel in the private sector.

I am a simple person who doesn’t ask for much. I love my country and it was the reason why I chose to defend it with my life. Now that I am out in the private sector, I like anything and everything about Information security and programming, especially C. I love all things open source and helping veterans and college students seek a path for their future. I volunteer when I can and hanging out with friends/family. During my off time, I like to contribute to open-source projects on Github and with my friends at OpenSOC.IO.

I speak at conferences in the hopes that people will learn from my mistakes and we can keep moving forward as a security community. 5 Years from now I would love to support open-source full time and maybe even pivot into being a full-time security developer helping the community with awesome new tools that are affordable or just plain free.