About cyberGoatPsyOps

I am a new breed of IT professionals where we are multi-disciplined, multi-layered and multi-talented. I am a critical thinker and an unorthodox problem solver.

I did not learn my skills in a classroom or behind a desk, but I learned them in the real world many times in direct danger where every decision had real-life consequences, either being deployed to Afghanistan, or other remote locations. I saw the threat agents first hand and now have a very different take on security in a serious way.

I was the 1 percent in the 1 percent and was invited to work with the best the Army had to offer (Special Operations). You have certificates, I have experience, you have degrees, I have accomplishments, you see the world through a box, I step on top of it and jump off.

I am unique individual that brings real world, outside the office experience into a team environment and that provide simple unconventional solutions to any problems and produces results.

I was an InfoSec Specialist for the US Army of 8 years. I jumps out of planes, I speaks 3 languages, I believes in exercise, I sing at karaoke bars, I am social, I am humble, I been in combat, and I’m excited to learn from my friends and co-workers.

When I am not at work, taking pride in whatever I am accomplishing that day, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, logging into my home lab, reading up on latest security threats, building whatever I need by hand and just trying to make the world a little safer place anyway I can.

Some of my accomplishments are being selected for Special Operations after a grueling assessment and selection process in the forest of North Carolina, being able to say I jump out of planes for a living, completing the Air Assault course in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, being a marksman in several weapons, attending the protective services and anti-terrorism course so he can drive like Jason Bourne and do some J-Turns just to name a few.